End of the easy learning curve…

Yesterday I was surprised by the ease which I could parse a twitter user profile and a tweet. But soon I ran into the complexities of the system. When I wanted to parse a not-supported xml format, I got no interesting results – I got lost in the documentation. The system is very easy to deploy and get results from the built-in rdf mapper. But developing an application (whether PHP, .NET or Java) requires very accurate architecture and deeper understanding of the system and its interfaces. Tough this shouldn’t be a problem, but for now the Virtuoso story ends.In the paper from Softic et al. a framework is suggested using the PHP + MySQL standard: ARC. When I enter the website I quickly find the latest built and the documentation. In this case I really feel like I’m part of the target group. But first I wanted to see how well an XML transformation with the help of PHP could be done. Since this is a bit new for me I followed a tutorial to see how this works.

I quickly figured out that a direct conversion using a XML Transformation is not possible, since of course the resulting RDF document is not valid XML. Virtuoso uses an own system described partly by the XSLT to realize the transformation. Anyway I succeeded in creating a php page to create a simple transformation from a cd catalog in XML to HTML. However I found a wiki page that claimed that it should work for a simple xml file, so I had to try it with my PHP script.

It worked! You can try for yourself at: http://linkeddata.semanticprofiling.net/rosetti.php. This encourages me to try and create a simple xml – rdf transformation for the grabeteer output. The grabeteer isn’t that complex and I should be able to create RDF files that at least contains every tweet as a “Microblogpost” and a property “Creator”. This property is the twitter user by its URI (http://www.twitter.com/screenname)


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