Researcher Profiling based on Semantic Analysis in Social Networks

Last week I defended my work in front of the jury of the KULeuven. This included a presentation and a demo. I want to share those with you. You can read the full thesis text here: Researcher Profiling based on Semantic Analysis in Social Networks

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Progress Report 4

This report is a presentation. I presented it today for members of the research group and fellow thesis students at the KULeuven.

Scientific Profiling Presentation

It explains the evaluation approach for the framework. The term “affinity” is being introduced for the first time. Before terms like shared resources or common entitities and interests were used.

“Affinities” expresses much better the user-centric perspective and the fact that it is a subjective notion. It also means that it is not only linked to a certain person but is also time-sensitive, something that could be called a “user context”.


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Progress Report 2

This the second report of my Master Thesis project in Computer Sciences at Graz University of Technology (TUGraz) and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (KULeuven). It is an overview on the second four weeks of research. It gives a background overview to situate this report and it discusses the problem statement. An in depth view on the software architecture is given. Some noteworthy implementation details are revealed. Finally an updated project plan is motivated.

Feel free to download and look into it, I’ll be answering all your questions. But respect the copyright notice.

Laurens De Vocht – Master thesis – Progress Report 2