A backdoor to what you are ‘supposed’ to discover

For centuries libraries and their librarians operated as gatekeepers and experts in preservation. They were the providers of information in a paper paradigm. Libraries held paper copies from books and journals full of knowledge. They held the key to access the information in their resources and refer to other libraries’ resources.  The dominant provision of information has changed with the arrival of the Internet. Most information is now digitally shared and exchanged online. [1]

A growing number of Web 2.0 Services such as MendeleyBibsonomy and citeulike are disclosing information from a huge amount of resources. However it is still a troubling task for users to check all those services one by one as they each provide access to a (small) part of the entire available information ‘cloud’…

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My papers library on Mendeley

Today I decided to publish the database of my library of research papers on Mendeley. I exported it as Endnote XML out of Papers, a very tidy and to the point designed application to manage papers on the mac like if it were iTunes songs.

This way makes it easier to keep track of my reading work online and I’m also very curious to see the collaboration with others – that the Mendeley guys are promoting – in practice.

Laurens De Vocht's bibliography