From a valid RDF/XML for Twitter users to a dynamic SPARQL Endpoint

This weekend I upgraded the semantic profiling framework. Now it annotates for every Twitter user:

  • Its profile as SIOC UserAccount
  • The timeline as SIOC(Types) MicroBlog
  • All the tweets as SIOC(Types) MicroBlogPost

It grabs the tweets from a user in Grabeeter if the user has registered there. If not they are being retrieved with the Twitter API.

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End of the easy learning curve…

Yesterday I was surprised by the ease which I could parse a twitter user profile and a tweet. But soon I ran into the complexities of the system. When I wanted to parse a not-supported xml format, I got no interesting results – I got lost in the documentation. The system is very easy to deploy and get results from the built-in rdf mapper. But developing an application (whether PHP, .NET or Java) requires very accurate architecture and deeper understanding of the system and its interfaces. Tough this shouldn’t be a problem, but for now the Virtuoso story ends. Read more of this post