Semantic profiling

I found an interesting document in which Dave McComb, President from Semantic Arts, explained out of his experience what we should retain about semantic profiling. He stated:

“Semantic profiling is a technique using semantic-based tools and ontologies in order to gain a deeper understanding of the information being stored and manipulated in an existing system. This approach leads to a more systematic and rigorous approach to the problem and creates a result that can be correlated with profiling efforts in other applications.”

There is no better way to express this topic. It means applied to this scientific profiling project: The semantic analysis of twitter users’ scientific profiles should help in a deeper understanding of their relevance to us. This also will create more correlation opportunities between Research 2.0 applications.


The project plan

Today the project plan for my Master Thesis has been approved. It includes an overview of the problem I will be working on, some possible solutions and of course the research schedule.

You can read the PDF Version here: Master Thesis Project Plan – Laurens De Vocht