SPARQL Endpoint set-up and load any twitter profile into the RDF Store

This weekend I optimized the triplification and annotation process for every twitter user. From now on it is possible to load any twitter user and store the annotated triples in the ARC2 TripleStore. A SPARQL endpoint allows querying

For now you can be load your own twitter account and associated tweets into the system with this url:

Contribute to the semantic web and do it NOW! 🙂 Any questions or extreme load times, I will be happily to look into and fix it!

The SPARQL Endpoint can be accessed on:

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Something more about storing triples

6-10. RDF Graph Data Model of Triples
Image by Peter Morville via Flickr

First of all it’s to be said that all the available triplestores, both the open source packages as the commercial services do their job. (In the picture: a triple) It’s a matter of preference and what you expect from the system. The most common opensource sytems that are widely in us as off May 2009 are listed are:

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Is Twitter RDFization or triplification by Virtuoso usable?

Image representing OpenLink Software as depict...
Image via CrunchBase

The W3C lists many solutions for converting any non-rdf data to rdf data. After taking a closer look to the list, it became clear that there exists a very well documented system: Virtuoso Sponger. There is a broad support for many data sources. The architecture is very modular. This is realized by the use of so-called cartridges. I want to be sure that this promising middleware can support the framework I need. I investigated a twitter use case presented on a dedicated page. Since the architecture overview and the presentation about the mechanism is astonishing, my expectations were very high. Read more of this post