SPARQL Endpoint set-up and load any twitter profile into the RDF Store

This weekend I optimized the triplification and annotation process for every twitter user. From now on it is possible to load any twitter user and store the annotated triples in the ARC2 TripleStore. A SPARQL endpoint allows querying

For now you can be load your own twitter account and associated tweets into the system with this url:

Contribute to the semantic web and do it NOW! 🙂 Any questions or extreme load times, I will be happily to look into and fix it!

The SPARQL Endpoint can be accessed on:

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Semantic Microblogging Architecture

Thoughts on location and microblogging...
Image by whiteafrican via Flickr

SMOB – Semantic Microblogging is an interesting system, because its architecture is similar to the kind of architecture I will need to realize the scientific profiling tool for twitter. SMOB has been described in an article about Microblogging by Passant et al. This paper also described the implementation of an initial prototype of this concept that provides ways to leverage microblogging with the Linked Data Web guidelines. At the time of writing microblogging services were (but today still are) centralised  and confined, and efforts are still to be made to let microblogging be part of the Social Semantic Web. First, the authors introduced classical microblogging and some of the issues it raises. Second, the authors saw how Semantic Web can help in getting rid of these issues and what it can offer that traditional services could not achieve. Read more of this post